01 November 2007

Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve

I need a doctor. Urgently.
Or perhaps a pastor,
a fatherly figure that can listen to me,
a counsellor, a friend.
I need a person I can trust,
can keep secret and can help me, guide me.

It's not the path I want to take,
I know it's wrong either.
And I know the price to pay if I confess.
Or perhaps I horribly confused between who I really was
or it's just an imaginary thought that I misunderstood.
I don't know, helpless and afraid.

I afraid if I am really like that,
I will loose my dearest friends for I was gross.
I will humiliate myself in front of my conservative family elders.
I will shun and dissapoint my religious friends,
I will degrade myself among the society that is together.

I don't know what I want,
I don't understand myself,
I don't want to kill my pride,
I don't want to be dishonored,
I am confused.
Perhaps, Perhaps not.

Please, someone.
Help me.
Pull my hand and let me be saved.
At least tell me what I want/ am.

Am I really?


29 August 2007

Flora's Secret

Lovers in the long grass,
look above them,
only they can see,
where the clouds are going,
only to discover,
dust and sunlight,
ever make the sky so blue.

Afternoon is hazy,
river flowing,
all around the sounds,
moving closer to them,
telling them the story,
told by flora,
dreams they never knew.

Silver willows,
tears from Persia,
those who come,
from a far-off island,
winter Chanterelle lies,
under cover,
Glory-of-the-sun in blue.

Some they know as passion,
some as freedom,
some they know as love,
and the way it leaves them,
summer snowflake,
for a season,
when the sky above is blue!