20 December 2009


It has been so many months now since you left this country, I couldn't remember how many times I've talked about how much I missed you in front of people since then. Then again I realized something; that all these while, while you're out, I have participated into so many episodes of drama I do not even know how to begin with.

Truth is, I am just another typical gay that seeks comfort in others wherever he can. That, quite explained so many of these short-lived romance and that, I hated myself. I know I couldn't keep me for the one that matters though I know my circumstances, given how you view this relationship.

I want to do better for you... But I find distance is quite well, a distance. It is an obvious barrier and it takes courage and faith to see it through.

Through out what has happened in the last semester, I find myself awaken in a way, to appreciate and understand who's the one I have been really looking for. And there are so many trivial things you did that really send tinges of hope for me although it all only happened in cyberspace. I can only pray that those are not just another form of mirage.

For whatever it is, my heart and arms are remain wide open. Waiting for you.

Recently, you're back for the holidays. As much as I wanted to see you again, I was occupied with AIESEC's conference. If only I need not to attend that.

I guess Alexis was right. She thinks you possess some sort of devil charm. For me at least.. I find that undoubtedly true.

Till we meet again in the Chinese New Year's break. My friend.