28 November 2010

Quickie 0123


"Hello! How are you? It has been a tiring day. Ay, I was driving through Singapore to drop my friends, then sending the others to their hotels, urgh. What a day."


You were lying comfortably on my bed, posing with all signs of welcome.

"oh, these days I've been really busy. Didn't really had the time to relax and stuff.. argh.."

And there's that unmistakable, mischievous smirk.


Sound of smooches surrounded all that vigorous movement of limbs under that annoying illumination of my desklamp. A reluctant hand, in the midst of all the actions reached for the switch.


You were on top of my chest, arriving to your orgasm all over my abs.

"Wow, you were famished. When was your last time, SW?"



"oh, I've got to go. Back to my lab to kill some switch! Afraid it'll go ka-boom."

"At this hour?"

"Yea, guess I'll just have to sneak in. Anyway, thank you so much. See you again!"

"Nights, SW."

21 November 2010

Of Singaporean Treats

The HDB flats we bunked in are getting sleepy and the hums of speeding traffic below were still rhythmic as night falls. My eyes remain fixated to the dense secondary forest reserve on the other side of the freeway: Call it a day? I suppose.

I couldn't stop recalling earlier as we rushed through the busy streets of Singapore.

Over the pavement and street signs we've crossed, you came into my mind ever so often - Perhaps it was your silhouette I've discovered a night ago.

You have the physique.

I was desperate.

* * *

In the morning, the smell of you lingers on your sideburn as I carefully sniffs every last whiff of it.

In hope that your uncle doesn't finds out.

We will meet again. Mr. H

20 November 2010

Reflections #2

While people might look similar; everyone behave differently on bed.

A palette of preferences and mischiefs.

08 November 2010


I recall that moment when SGG was holding that umbrella for you. I was only behind silently; soon to realize a warm drop from the corner of my eye blended to the million tiny sounds that is surrounding.

** ** **

"Hey, do you wanna lift? Come on in!"

A silver Honda pulled over, windows down and it's a familiar face of a person who picked me up the last time I walked this road.

"Not this time bro, but thank you so much for the thought."

It was still a distance to my place, but today I prefer to walk alone; especially after the yet-again laughter saturated dinner with BL, JS and also SGG who just returned from his tedious work in Singapore for a short break with his sweetheart.

Spheres of glowing light from the street lamps marking the strokes of water droplets passing from one to another. The sounds of drizzle clattering on my umbrella soon brings out a strange allure I find it to my liking.

Tina Turner's "I Don't Want To Lose You" was accompanying as I continued walking this road. And then, somewhere in between the rain and the lengthy journey, a moment of time was lost as I liberated myself from the shelter of a shade. The lines of droplets now become more defined, hardened, and I embraced the freezing yet blissful droplets on my face.

For a long time hanging around with them, I cheered, from the very bottom of my heart.

05 November 2010


Tonight is beautiful. Only if things didn't happened the way it did, I know we would be sharing this moment together here on the rooftop of the highest peak in the campus.

This hour are instead tainted with reflections of the recent past and that itching void within, hurdling my thoughts back and forth seeking an empty soul like myself to share the breathtaking view.

The sickening recall did not taste a little remorseful. It has been only a hint of disappointment to a friendship that never had a chance. Of course, asking him back is out of the question. The only last thing I could ask for is acceptance, at least for myself. Perhaps that as a thought, comforts for all that has happened.

Maybe this reminiscence is momentary. Another quick evaluation of yet another careless affection I've come across.

Soon, the thundering explosions shadowed the thoughts as thousands of brilliant colours speckled the night skies, almost winning the shimmering amber-lit suburb below. Dots of light between the shining stars and the fireworks and the streets soon fuse into a sea, bearing witness of a new day, a fresh start, another beginning.

It's Diwali today.

For this moment, I'm drowned by the lights and sounds of a new beginning, and for the glass of gin on my other hand has seen the night and myself, within.

p.s: An amazing fact is that this spectacular light show wasn't a generous charity from an industrious company. It was rather a composition of all those who cherish the light and celebrates the festival by releasing the fireworks in unison.

02 November 2010

Reflections #1

Strength is built by one's failures, not one's successes.

People grow strong going upstreams, against the currents.

01 November 2010

Breather Denied

As if that day you have no intentions when I caught your eyes feasting just like that fat kid binging his burger at the table next to you.

~~ * ~~

Over that steaming cup of vanilla latte and a fine Johorian afternoon in Starbucks;

Let's face it. You're living in denial.

Which unfortunately happens to be my turn off.