17 September 2012

Day of Trades

latitudine italia

The brilliance of late afternoon sun shines through the multitude of double storey glass panes, printed lavishly its shadow on the bare tiles. I was seated on a grey sofa, partially bathed in that brilliance, and told to look up. Then I was snapped, again and again. 

Holding his phone, he tried almost mindlessly to get a decent frame. The harvest was half-baked imperfections somehow managed to turn into a choice of display pictures after an arty cut-out touch through my superficial hands.

"I want to sit on one of those wooden chairs later. It looks so nice with the table, the scene." he pointed to a pair of seasoned engineers murmuring over prints at the corner. "Those chairs are designer items, pinewood." he continued while I took my first few steps on a flight of hanging concrete stairway. 

*  *  *

"Hey, careful not to throw me on the wall!" I lamented as he carelessly pushes the hanging nest towards random directions. While I barely able to retracted my legs into the spherical shell, it hit the wall, a loud metallic clang echoed through the empty corridors. Sounds of renovation works from next lot stopped for a moment, then resumed. "go go go!" we quickly ran away as soon as we discerned a uniformed silhouette approaching from the unlit corridor. 

*  *  *

So we sat on this steel wired couch, holding our hands while looking up to a shower of hanging vines, completely ignoring the fact that a loud clash on the wall from the contraption beside us was merely half an hour ago. Our feet on the ever-green turf while listening to the city winds rustled through our ears. I closed my eyes for a moment, pretending this moment doesn't need to end this afternoon.

"It's sad that you're going off so soon. How long until you have to check in?" 
"My flight is 9, so most likely I'll need to be there by 7?" 
"So do you want me to drop you somewhere later? How do you plan to go to the airport?"

"Probably taxi" 
"do you know where we can get to the nearest drop-off point?" 
"I don't know." 
"ok... then how exactly do you want to go there?"
"probably taxi.."

"Do you want me to send you there instead?" I let out an almost inaudible sigh after a moment of thought.
"but, you have an appointment on 8 right?"
"It's alright. I can change that."    

*  *  *

Our car stopped on a bay among so many other red-painted Sagas. Shades of people walking all over us while he shut the boot and slide out his luggage handlebar. He leaned towards the window,

"Savoir, thank you for sending me here. I really appreciate this effort especially on top of your busy schedule."

"I only want you to ask." I paused a moment, "Take care, sweet. I'll see you again soon."

and as the traffic light burned green, I turned on the headlamps while the carriage accelerated towards a moot future. 

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